What We Do

We are an Overberg based company that does renovations, development and construction of new buildings in the residential as well as commercial sector.

We offer 20 years of experience, guaranteeing only the best!

Crafford Meester Bouers

Residential Services

We offer construction of residential properties along with improvements and additions

Commercial Services

Specialised Commercial Bulding and Costruction from Crafford Meester Bouers are unmatched

Crafford Meester Bouers
Crafford Meester Bouers

Industrial Services

We have done business with countless clients in the agriculture and industrial sector

Construction of New Homes

We are with you every step of the way whilst building your new home

Improvements & Additions

We provide improvements & additions to existing buildings across all sectors

Group Housing Construction

We provide the contruction of the group housing, but also  the landscaping of our developments

Commercial Developments

The Craffords have walked a long way with Commercial Developments and have completed several projects

Agricultural Construction

We have plenty of agricultural clients ranging from seed farmers to livestock farmers

Industrial Development

Crafford Meester Bouers have been lucky nough o be involved in many commercial development projects