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Crafford Meester Bouers is an Overberg Based Company that do Renovations, Development and Construction of New Buildings in the Residential as well as Commercial Sector

Established by Jaco Crafford and his Father in the year 2000, Jaco Crafford is the second generation Crafford to work in the construction industry after finishing his studies in Engineering.

Initially we focused on home improvement, additions, painting and the construction of new homes. As our business grew, we have been fortunate to work on bigger projects and are forever grateful to our current and future clients.

Today, after 20 years in the construction industry, we can proudly look out over the Overberg area to view the projects we have successfully completed.

As a member of the NHBRC, we handle the registrations on behalf of the builders and ensure that all inspections have been done.



Our mission is to provide the best possible construction and development service we possibly can. Allowing businesses across all sectors (from private to commercial) to have the best building experience humanly possible.

Our vision is to allow all businesses to have access to a reliable and trustworthy building partner. our 20 years of experience has allowed us to fulfill this dream and we plan on continuing on this front

As a family run business we value integrity and truthfulness.

We hold our services to the highest degree, ensuring amazing services and a stress free building experience

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